We offer a range of Internet Connectivity Services. Our offering is simple and straight forward. No hidden costs. All our services are offered with the following.

  • No Sign Up Fees
  • No Long Term Contracts – 1 Months Notice required for termination
  • No Data Caps
  • No Traffic Shaping
  • 5:1 Traffic Contention for Residential Services
  • New Zealand Help Desk Team


UFB Fibre
$120.00 Per Month
Download: 1000Mbps
Upload: 500Mbps

Basic internet connectivity for SME’s requiring a simple, cost effective connection, with a higher traffic priority across our network.

Smart Internet

UFB Fibre
$180.00 Per Month
Download: 1000Mbps
Upload: 500Mbps

Managed internet connectivity, managed router included. For SME’s or businesses that require a higher level of support, for the most demanding of requirements. Includes managed hosted firewall, with customer access to rule set.

Note: Included with Multi-Site connectivity


WAN Connectivity
$150 Per Month Per Site
Download: 1000Mbps
Upload: 1000Mbps

Multi-Site connectivity offers businesses with 2 or more sites private connectivity between sites, better known as an MPLS/WAN circuit.

This is a private connectivity service that allows you to have L3 connectivity between each location.

Minimum Site Requirement: 2

Router Requirement: BGP capable router required

Internet Connectivity: Shared internet connectivity through a common gateway. Local internet breakout available at $90 Per Month Per Site.