We offer a range of Internet Connectivity Services. Our offering is simple and straight forward. No hidden costs. All our services are offered with the following.

  • No Sign Up Fees
  • No Long Term Contracts – 1 Months Notice required for termination
  • No Data Caps
  • No Traffic Shaping
  • 20:1 Traffic Contention for Residential Services
  • Bring Your Own Modem (BYOM) and we will support you!
  • New Zealand Help Desk Team


$75.00 Per Month
Download: 24Mbps
Upload: 1Mbps

$75.00 Per Month
Download: 75Mbps
Upload: 10Mbps

UFB Fibre

Basic UFB
$75.00 Per Month
Download: 300Mbps
Upload: 100Mbps

Full Speed UFB
$90.00 Per Month
Download: 950Mbps
Upload: 500Mbps

Hyper Fibre

Basic Hyper Fibre
$160 Per Month
Download: 2000Mbps
Upload: 2000Mbps

Advanced Hyper Fibre
$190 Per Month
Download: 4000Mbps
Upload: 4000Mbps

Wireless LTE

4G/5G: $200 Per Month
Download: 150Mbps
Upload: 20Mbps


100Mbps: $180 Per Month